Donavan Rivera



Welcome to the realm of real estate excellence led by Donavan Rivera—a seasoned professional and Fiona’s right hand man when it comes to handling all of her transactions – whose journey blends six years of dedicated real estate expertise with over two decades mastering healthcare product management. In this dynamic fusion, precision meets experience, ensuring that your real estate journey is guided by meticulous attention to detail and a wealth of strategic acumen. With a keen eye for organization, I make it my mission to ensure that every document aligns flawlessly and every process hums with efficiency, sparing you precious time to focus on building relationships and securing your next deal.

My commitment to your success doesn’t waver. I understand that time is the ultimate currency in the bustling world of real estate. Thus, I step in as your ally, streamlining every facet of your transactions, freeing you to harness your expertise and charm your clients effortlessly. While my role as a devoted stay-at-home dad remains a cornerstone of my life, my passion for real estate remains unabated. Exclusive Transactions is more than a venture—it’s a testament to my dedication to you, providing a haven where my wealth of knowledge and experience merge to offer unparalleled support and guidance in your real estate endeavors.

Join me on this journey, where expertise, precision, and a profound dedication to your success converge. Together, let’s navigate the intricate pathways of real estate with confidence, transforming challenges into opportunities and transactions into triumphs.